Read abot our 2 years warenty 2 years gurantee

Read here about the best guarantee on the market! We give full warranty for 2 years on our battery module mounted in your battery.

The warranty covers the situation if your battery suddenly dies or if the battery loses more than 40% of its amps within the warranty period. It is normal for a battery to lose about 5 – 10% of its capacity for each year, depending on how your battery is handled and how much it is in operation.

Note that the warranty covers only the battery module that we put in your battery and the connections we have made to renew the battery module.

The warranty covers the following:

  • Electronics fault on installed battery module (eg if the battery cannot be charged or the battery is dead)
  • More than 10% capacity loss 0 – 6 months after invoice date More than 20% capacity loss 6 – 12 months after invoice date
  • More than 30% capacity loss 12 – 18 months after invoice date
  • More than 40% capacity loss 18 – 24 months after invoice date
  • Capacity is measured as number of watt hours ie. (Wh) with which the battery is born.
  • A 36V 10.4Ah battery has e.g. 385 Wh capacity.

The capacity can be measured in our test stand.

The warranty assumes:

  • the battery is charged at least every 2 months (1 hour of charging)
  • that the battery box is not subjected to severe shocks (battery lost, damaged, or otherwise damaged) that water has not entered the battery (some battery boxes are not fully waterproof can penetrate when it rains)
  • that the battery has not been attempted opened by anyone other than

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